As you all know that it is very important for any age group of people to do regular exercise in order to be healthy and fit and it is also important for one to choose the best CrossFit gym that specializes in offering top of the line training methods. “CrossFit Lighthouse” is one of the leading service providers that offers a well designed training program that is extremely challenging, fun and guaranteed results. I am an athlete and I decided to join this CrossFit gym when I came to know about it from one of my friends who is also a Crossfiter.

I went through their online website to acquire detailed information about their services and the costs of the training programs. I was happy to know that they offer a number of training methods and programs at affordable rates. What attracted me towards “CrossFit Lighthouse” was their main focus on strength and conditioning programs. Gymnastics is the essential part of this training center pull-ups, push-ups, muscle ups, sit-ups, box jumps, and so on.

All the training methods offered by them were categorized on different basis and were available for all age groups. Their cardiovascular program includes jump ropes, rowing and wind sprints. These programs are extremely effective and help the athletes build their cardiovascular system quickly. It was exciting for me to know that they not only offer their services to the general public but can also be sport specific.  They work with sport teams, military, martial artists, etc.

The expert coaches provide training to all of the athletes in the best professional manner. All the athletes are provided with the functional training using kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls. The coaches monitor the athletes throughout the workouts to ensure safety.

I was satisfied with their CrossFit training methods; so I decided to share my experience through my blog.