Nowadays it has become necessary to undergo various fitness training programs to maximize the bodies health, strength and weight. In my busy work schedule, I have had increasing obesity and chronic ailments being the main factors. I was quite serious about my health problems and was searching on the internet for a well reputed gym to maintain my body.

Then one of my close friends told me about “CROSSFIT LIGHTHOUSE”. They design programs that are fun and challenging. They provide numerous training methods. All their services are available at competitive prices.  This is one of the leading CrossFit Boxes that provides outstanding services to their clients.

One of the services provided by them is Olympic lifting. In this it consists of various types of movements to tone up the muscles. These lifts I thought were only athletes involved in a specific type of sport.  I found out these lifts are for all levels of fitness and help creae fast twitch muscle fibers.  The Coaches at CrossFit Lighthouse are USAW certified and will guide you through the moves and modify the weight until you are ready to move forward.  They have high quality equipment and plenty of it.   

You will notice weight loss in a very short time and see amazing results. Their Coaches will guide you through a nutrition plan that will work best for you.  Their programming will help you gain muscle quickly. They offer you different packages according to yours schedule and budget. Constantly varied functional movements is aimed at developing lean body mass.

Pull ups, muscle ups, ring rows just to name a few is the best exercise for toning upper part of the body. This helps in strengthening the muscles considerably. They perform a wide range of workouts including the above exercises.

Push ups, ring dips, handstand push ups, box jumps, wall balls just to name a few againis the most convenient and portable exercise and it is a classic strengthening exercise. Some of these movements sound hard but there are modifications for them all and in no time you will be doing them all.

After joining their box I feel very confident, energetic and young again.