I really enjoy outdoor games which involves great physical strength since childhood unlike other kid who remain busy with their video-games,i could be easily found in a playground if not anywhere else. All my friends had chosen their career objectives to be either an engineer or a Doctor but these professions never fascinated me,i was keenly interested in playing rather than studies. So,i finally planned to be an athlete but becoming an international level player is not a cakewalk! It requires immense personal training.

Initially,i had joined Yoga Classes and engaged myself in various kinds of group fitness program but later I realized that I do not want to pursue it as my hobby just like other but it’s my passion to become the national player and gain entry into prestigious games like Olympics.

I discussed it with our group trainer so,he advised me to immediately consult a training company like Cross Fit which offers the principal strength and conditioning program for the police academies,tactical operations teams,military special operational units,Champion martial arts,and hundred of other elite and professional worldwide.

The crossfit seaford delivers fitness that is broad,general and inclusive. Their training modules are designed for the universal scalability which provides a perfect application for a committed sportsperson like me. Apart from the training classes,i had also followed their workout sessions posted daily on their website. Let me tell you this greatly helped me to be more focused towards the sports and distinguish myself in the stadium.

Now I’m a national level player and I will say that my passion for the sports and crossfit freeport dedication is the reason behind my success. I will suggest it to all the aspiring sportsperson.